It’s out. Some thoughts:

  • 8 of the first 12 games will be on the road. Eek. Tough way to start the season.
  • One of those four home games will be against Tulane on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Sort of a neat game for Alumni Hall, and might have a shot to be televised by CBS Sports Network as a matchup between two conferences for which they own broadcast rights. Fingers crossed.
  • The Mids travel to play Missouri on the same day as the Army-Navy game. The time is still TBA, but it would be awesomesauce if it ended up as a football-basketball doubleheader. Unless I actually go to the Army game this year, in which case I’ll need plenty of time to get the hell out of Landover so I can get back to Annapolis to watch the game somewhere.
  • One game I won’t be missing is against Mercer, which is two days after the Military Bowl. I’ll be disappointed if Alumni Hall isn’t packed with fans who made the trip to the area for the bowl game. In other words, I’ll be disappointed.


  1. Armchairsailor79

    I live in Lexington, Kentucky. I am resigned to the fact that every local media outlet focuses on basketball 12 months out of the year. Now that malady seems to have spread to The Birddog. I was under the impression that football season started this week, but perhaps I was wrong.

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