You would be surprised how time-consuming a blog can be. I haven’t been able to devote as much time to it as I used to. After basically taking last season off, I felt like I had to make a decision. I should either shut down for good, or acknowledge my time constraints and find someone else willing to paddle this electronic canoe. I chose the latter, and would like to introduce Adam Nettina as a contributor to The Birddog.

Not that Adam needs any introduction to most internet-conscious Navy fans. You’ve seen his work on and have heard him on the In The Bleachers podcast. This might be the only Navy sports blog I know of, but it isn’t the first; that honor belongs to Adam’s first project, Pitch Right. He recently graduated from Utah State, where he wrote several excellent pieces for the USU Statesman. (Seriously, they’re good). You already know him and trust him, and now you have one more place to read his work. This is probably something that should’ve happened a long time ago if for no other reason than to give you hyenas a new target to distract you from me.

So everyone say hi to Adam, and make sure to follow him on Twitter.


11 Responses

  1. Outstanding!

    …now about that writeup on the Texas Bowl…

  2. Excellent addition. Sorry to hear that Ausiello turned you down. :)

  3. Yahoo! I really missed Pitch Right.

  4. While holding up a pint of Guiness,”BRILLIANT!”

  5. Adam,

    Glad to hear that you’re joining Mike here. Can’t wait to read your stuff. Great news all the way around.


  6. Welcome back to the “beat” Adam —> Looking forward to your stuff this season. Go Navy … Beat Delaware!!!

  7. Welcome to the best NAvy football Blog!

  8. Welcome! Look forward to reading your stuff.

  9. Alright Adam, and great decision Mike! I look forward to a great football season, and awesome Bird Dog articles!! Beat Delaware, and everyone!!


  10. good job Adam…

  11. Welcome back to blogging Adam.

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