Postgame Haiku, Vol. 45

That’s how you start a season.
Now on to week two.


29 Responses

  1. Kriss for president
    And he can toss a touchdown
    Defense did not suck!

  2. Great way to kiss off
    another winning season.
    Love Navy Football!!!

  3. Loss to Delaware
    Would have been best thing for team.
    Year doomed, says Deli.

  4. Tasty victory!
    A feast for true Navy fans
    Blue Hen fricassee

  5. what was the best part
    the offense or the defense team
    oh hello kaylee

  6. Navy wins the game
    Disposes of Delaware*
    Happy September.

    *One of the few times you will ever hear me quote one of the Navy broadcasters. Not that there are a wealth of opportunities to do so, but regardless.

  7. I told you last year
    Kriss is the TO master
    welcome to the club

  8. Wasn’t aware it was a secret

  9. What happened to the haikus?

  10. Must’ve stepped on some stinkberries and got my brain all scrambled.

  11. Great start to season
    But Coach Ken still hasn’t learned
    How to use timeouts

  12. are you being serious

  13. Off to a great start.
    Very happy for KP.
    Great job, Buddy Green.

  14. Saw some new wrinkles
    In Navy’s Triple Option
    Chess versus checkers.

  15. Second honeymoon
    From beautiful Jamaica
    Navy beats U Del

  16. Fiancee’s first game
    Irish honeymoon next year?
    I love this woman

  17. A perfect game day
    Offense Defense playing well
    Intensity too!

  18. Great Way to Open
    Physical Play for Sure
    No Q-Back Was Safe

  19. you’ve never noticed
    unnecessary timeouts
    since ken took the wheel?

    what happend to the
    haikus only on this page
    rule that once was law

  20. the rule went away
    when responding to those who
    cry about timeouts

  21. Hey Ninety-Seven:
    It is smart to use timeouts
    when the team needs them.

    It is stupid to
    hold onto them if their use
    can help Navy score.

  22. timeouts? timeouts? huh?
    zero penalties best gauge
    97 meet E Uzelac

  23. Mason Graham lights
    out. Teich and Tuani are beasts.
    five slot backs deep. wow!

  24. the rule went away
    just because you disagree?
    yet you followed it.

  25. Chevis, would you care for some camembert with your whine?

  26. Twenty three points above
    Hens are good Navy’s better
    Great way to start, KN

  27. Haiku syllables:
    Five first line, seven second
    line, then five again.

  28. Jon Teague is All In
    fifty four yards is a long way
    room to spare. sweet three

  29. sorry this is late
    but that game was fun to watch
    way to start things off!

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