STOCK UP: It’s Sunday and there’s still more college football left to be played this weekend. Our cup runneth over.

STOCK UP: Tyree Barnes. The former Navy wideout was unfortunately released by the Patriots last week, but not before the Boston Herald got a hold of his story. This is a perfect example of real PR that brings credit and attention to the work our sailors and Marines do vs. what you get when you let guys go straight to the NFL.

STOCK DOWN: Army. NIU is good, but not so good that they should go up 49-6 before calling of the dogs. Holy cow. If  2002 brought us the Meadowlands Massacre, this was the DeKalb DeBacle. Hopefully we get at least a week off from all the “they’re catching up to Navy” talk.

STOCK DOWN: Lane Kiffin. This man was once a prized commodity in college head coaching searches. I have no idea why.

STOCK UP: Navy’s slotbacks. A’s make plays, and against Delaware they made some pretty great blocks, too.


STOCK UP: The amount of wearage I’ll be getting out of my collection of Utah State t-shirts and polo shirts this week. A defensive choke job for the ages, perhaps, but considering how the other perennial WAC bottom feeders made out this weekend, I’ll take my alma mater’s 32-28 loss to the defending National Champs.

STOCK DOWN: The entire state of Oregon. Between the Ducks not being able to take down an LSU team with multiple personnel losses and Oregon State laying an egg against Sacramento State, California’s colder and more progressive northern neighbor didn’t exactly flex its gridiron prowess on Saturday.

STOCK UP: Death by Tight End. A few years removed from listening to media commentators attempt to eulogize the position in the wake of the movement to spread-based offensive attacks, we saw several All-American candidates lead their teams to victory on Saturday. Jake Stoneburner proved a constant mismatch for Akron in Ohio State’s win, while Kyle Efaw (Boise State) and Coby Fleener (Stanford) should get plenty of action from their Heisman Trophy-candidate quarterbacks.

STOCK DOWN: Underdogs finishing upset bids. I don’t need to remind myself of Utah State’s late defensive collapse, but take a second to look around the country. Eastern Washington was picked off in the endzone on the game’s final play to lose to Washington, while Kansas State escaped Eastern Kentucky with a late touchdown and South Carolina roared back after a 17-0 deficit against East Carolina.

STOCK UP: Sticky Glue, for Notre Dame’s offense, that is. The Irish’s five turnovers – including a fumble that was returned 99 yards for a touchdown – were what led South Florida to an upset 23-20 win in South Bend. Not, you know, the 254 yards of total offense the Bulls managed.

STOCK DOWN: Expansion talk. Someone needs to tell Larry Scott (and preferably NOT on Twitter) that the season has officially started, and as such all talk of expansion, superconferences, and the implosion of the sport as we know it must cease and desist for the next three months. K thanks.

9 thoughts on “STOCK MARKET, WEEK ONE

  1. usmc53

    Great tidbits. The “Stock Up: Navy Slotbacks” is my favorite. Have to love the team-first mentality that Navy’s players exemplify. That team-first culture is exactly what future Navy/USMC officers should personify, and with this coaching staff, that’s what we’re getting. It’s a very proud time to be a Navy fan.

  2. Navy72

    Mike, Adam:

    Good idea. Keep it up.

    Mike: If there’s a more arrogant coach in entire NCAA than Lane K., please let us know.

    Adam: Spot on about ND.

  3. hardcore24

    Adam, Utah State re-proved that time-tested football axiom that “Going to the Prevent Defense usually results in preventing your team from winning!”. That was painful to watch, as I was rooting hard for the Aggies. Looks like the special teams coach didn’t prepare his troops on the proper execution of “receiving” an on-sides kickoff? )o:

  4. Leebsch69

    Mike, I live up by West Point and noticed Army has San Diego St. as their home opener opponent this Saturday. In view of how they did against N. Ilinois, is the home opener likely to be a runaway?

    1. Probably. NIU is going to be a pretty good team, though, and SDSU is one of those teams that never travels to the east coast. Sometimes teams like that lay an egg when they finally do make the trip. Aztecs should win big but it isn’t the kind of game I would bet on.

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