I am now officially the third-best writer on my own blog, as Christian Swezey has joined the Birddog crew.

You already know him so we’ll skip the “former Washington Post Navy beat writer” this and “award-winning lacrosse writer” that and get to the important stuff. There are a few things you need to know about Christian.

One, he knows Navy inside and out; not just from his time covering the Mids for the Post, but from a lifetime of watching Navy sports. If he didn’t already write for a living, he probably would’ve started a Navy blog long before Adam & I did. The Navy Football History Knowledge Power Rankings look like this:

1. Jack Clary
2. Christian Swezey

Two, he has an even bigger library of Navy football and lacrosse games than I do. It ranks somewhere between “Library of Congress” and “Jedi Archives” in terms of scale. That probably contributes to the first point.

Three, you have to be REALLY careful what you say to him, because if you give him even the slightest opening he’ll make this blog all about cricket and Manchester United faster than you can say “Old Trafford.” Seriously, the first time he says, “I don’t care if Australia’s wicket-keeper is an all-rounder. He can’t hit a grubber, and England’s bowler has the best googly I’ve ever seen! I’ll bet you 20 quid they win The Ashes!,” don’t say you weren’t warned.

Four, he is the nicest person you would ever hope to meet. He has already been indirectly contributing to this blog for a long time through the advice and insight that he’s given me. I consider it a privilege to collaborate with Christian and Adam and am very, very excited about what we can do with this formerly-mediocre-but-now-kinda-good blog.

So with that, please join me in welcoming our newest gnu to this internet watering hole.


  1. usmc53

    Mike, you’re wrong about the “formerly mediocre” part, but you’re right that it keeps getting better. These last two “announcements” have been like Christmas morning.

    Welcome aboard, Christian.


  2. Dancing Bear '77

    It’s nice to know someone else out there appreciates cricket! Welcome and looking forward to reading your take on Navy sports.

  3. f14driver

    Although I have to caveat my comment with the fact that I have a more-than-vested nepotism-ish interest in Mike’s writing/analytical abilities, it is gratifying to see an already superb site expand its breadth and depth with these additions to The Birddog. Reminds me of going into combat in Desert Storm alone and unafraid in my F-14 when suddenly two “little brothers” (F-18s) joined on me and acompanied me on the mission. The resulting formation was a great improvement in our combat potential. Here’s hoping the same for this new troika.

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