Navy: Nike Pro Combat System of Dress

Navy: Nike Pro Combat System of Dress.


Update: MORE

I know that one day this uniform and I are gonna get married on top of a mountain, and there’s going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs. And we will dance till the sun rises. And then our children will form a football team. And we will go to the Orange Bowl and you won’t be invited.

23 thoughts on “Navy: Nike Pro Combat System of Dress

  1. Navy05

    Very awesome. The video is up on Looks like Army listened to the camouflage haters and didn’t change much (or anything). The “Sing Second” in the Army collar is an interesting touch. Navy uniforms are hands down the best pro combat unis I’ve seen this year. Then again, I’m biased.

  2. Kevin

    Oh, and I don’t want to go to your lame Orange Bowl. It probably won’t even be a BCS bowl by then and your opponent will be TX State.

  3. newt91

    The fouled anchor/mad magazine fold-in on the gloves is amazing, and i love the “don’t tread on me” base layer.
    Here’s hoping i can score a pair of those cross trainers!

  4. Best things about the uni: 1. The jack-shirt. 2. The helmet. 3. Upon closer inspection, the uniform numbers look like hull numbers:

    You can especially tell on the back of the helmet.

    I will be sad if we don’t see these again after Army-Navy.

  5. Navy72

    Friends, I cannot board this train.

    White helmets remind me of ’69 A-N game when Rick Forzano surprised everyone,including team, with special uniform featuring a WHITE helmet. Lyn More (sp?) plowed through Navy for 200+ yards and Army spanked Navy 27-0. It wasn’t that close. So much for white helmets.

    The blue pants remind me of the Charlie Wetherbee era. Another train wreck.

    Give me the throwback uniform Navy used a couple of years ago which was same, I recall, late 60’s.


  6. Navy72

    Both the memory and the look.

    I am a traditionalist. I think when we get away from our traditional look-Navy blue jerseys, Gold pants, Gold helmet- we damage our brand.

    I love the fact that they put the USMC Globe & Anchor on the uniforms several years ago. How did we NOT do that all these years? Great move, so I am open to some changes.

    Final thought. I cannot recall Alabama, Oklahoma, or Penn State ever messing with their uniforms. I suspect they respect their “brand” too much to do that.

  7. That’s just it though. Navy doesn’t have a football uniform tradition. We’ve changed our look more times than I can count. I don’t think there’s a brand to damage.

    Oklahoma did pro combat unis in 2009, which coincidentally is also when we put the EGA on ours:

    My favorite unis are the throwbacks from ’09, but I love these too. I like how they look like SDBs. I love the gold anchor. I love the hull numbers. They’re modern, but have a classic look that I think could very easily become a new tradition. It’s not going to happen, but I can dream.

  8. Navy72

    I am with you on the ’09 throwbacks. I love that combination.

    You’re right about the unis.Navy has changed them a lot. I was thinking brand since PJ came back. Tha’ts not a particularly long time, I agree.

    The white helmet and blue jerseys- I can live with them. But having blue pants with blue jerseys are way down on my list of options.

    As long as we don’t do a Maryland. Their uniforms have to violate something in the UCMJ or just U.S. case law. Ugh.

  9. I understand if people don’t care for them. People are going to like what they like. I just don’t want people to automatically dismiss them because of “tradition.” Navy is a service academy with an old and proud football program that is indeed steeped in tradition. Uniforms aren’t really part of that tradition, though. If anything, the Navy uniform tradition is one of constant change and quirks.

  10. tman

    ’09 throw backs still the best look we have had in past decade. Wonder how much money NAAA made on the auction for the jerseys??Recent history: when new lacrosse coach was rumored to want to go to white helmets, alumni community was rather upset as everyone knows the blue helmets have been traditional since the 60’s (Richie was forced to use gold helmets because of Nike deal at the time, he had no veto power).
    New unis ok except helmet…prefer gold for football

  11. andrewUSMC

    I too am a traditionalist and certainly appreciate the authenticity of our past uniforms. There are a few changes that I too would like to see in this current one to exentuate more tradition but all in all they’re fantastic. I think everyone needs to remember that this is for specialty games only; Army/Navy and the bowl game that follows. Unlike other football teams that have new uniforms for their opening game (Boise/Georgia – Storm Troopers vs. Power Rangers) or teams like Oregon that have a new uniform every season.

  12. KoutetsuKaigun

    It is definitely the best design that Nike has come out with.
    However, I am with Navy72, but for different reasons. I dislike monochrome jersey/pant combinations and the white helmet with gold stripe and anchor violates the hell out of the rule of tincture. Otherwise, it is a well done uniform. I would love to have one of the game jerseys or at least a replica of it.

  13. andrewUSMC

    Was Notre Dame’s recent uniform in their loss to Michigan a past uniform? I thought it was an older one. If it was new, totally ugly. The shamrocks were ok, the rest screamed 1970…etc

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