1. Navy72

    The cynic: Told you things were going too good.

    The optimist: Every team encounters a few bumps in the road.

    The pessimist: The hell with the bungee chord

  2. BandL89

    I think I must be in between cynic and optimist, 72! BL: I trust KN, IJ, BG to do the right, best thing with developing their men! Hopefully accountability does the trick. These players work to hard to piss away their opportunity. Good luck, AT, character counts most! Confident that Diggs and Patrick will do their part!

  3. Navy72

    gcl73 is correct: Doing it right is what sets us apart.

    This is a lot to process in one week- gut-wrenching loss, followed by captain of team stumbling.

    I have complete confidence in Coach N & all staff.

  4. usna87

    Tough week for the team… Tough week for the fans…especially when you work with a USAFA grad. Time for Diggs and Patrick to shine and for the team to make a statement.

  5. Anonymous

    We will never get anywhere if anyone begins to speculate what Teich did. The good news is he atleast gets a rest and it’s for one game. I just hope and pray that Diggs finds himself really fast and hits the ground running!

  6. Eric

    The good news is that Teich gets a rest? That’s about as reasonable as Deli pointing out the upside of us losing to Maryland last year.

  7. Armchairsailor79

    Tough day for fullbacks. Eric Kettani was just ordered off the practice squad of the New England Patriots and back to his shipboard assignment.

  8. Doug7Co69

    According to articles I’ve read, Teich jogged off the field at the end of the game while his teammates stood at attention behind the AF players while the AF alma mater was played. Apparently his conduct at practice the following week compounded the situation. KN took action to show the team that “right is right, wrong is wrong”.

  9. Doug7Co69

    “I’m not sure what the situation is with Alex right now. Just from the standpoint, he’s not here at practice,” Niumatalolo said. “There’s some things that Alex needs to take care of. To make sure he’s conforming with who we are as a program and as a school. We’ll see where that goes.”

    Niumatalolo would not elaborate on exactly what Teich did to draw the indefinite suspension. He said Teich remains the team’s offensive captain.

  10. AndrewUSMC


    Hey what’s your problem with someone saying “atleast he gets a rest”? Jesus Christ!!! NO ONE here wants Teich to be gone but we all understand the situation. The man is gone for a week so atleast lets hope it benefits him in one way or another.

  11. Eric

    Sure, why don’t we just go ahead and sit Tuani tomorrow too…that way at least he gets a rest heading into the last half of the season.

  12. Team Team, Damn Team

    It is what it is. As good as Teich is, no one player makes or breaks this team. Time for Diggs and Patrick to step up.

  13. Anonymous

    Coach Ken understands the program, environment, and individuals involved in Navy football as well or better than anyone in the history of the program. If he felt the need for a suspension, then that’s it. As important as winning is, this program, as we all know, is about much more. That is what makes it special.

  14. Anonymous

    Good for KN. It shows he’s willing to take the hit and tell the players no one is above the team and it’s rules–even the team captain. Teich still strikes me as a good kid (although I knew too many players lionized in the papers that really weren’t all that great) and it doesn’t sounds like it was an infraction other than the standards the team holds itself to, which means that KN had even more reason not to hold Teich out. He did anyway. i’ve always had respect for a coach that does that. I remember coaches at my ‘other’ school suspending players for the offseason (?!?!). For a game in the middle of the season?

    Diggs played well, but it always hurts to have a player like Teich gone. Let’s see how next week goes…

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