Postgame Haiku, Vol. 49

“I should start a blog!”
I said that four years ago.
Need a time machine.


29 Responses

  1. Barf.

  2. Navy getting worse
    Schedule getting tougher
    Long season ahead

  3. Half way round the world
    I just stayed up all night long
    To watch a nightmare

  4. Worst first halves ever?
    Three–Duke ‘ten. Two–AF this year.
    One–So Miss. Discuss.

  5. Defense was missing
    I’ve seen more manly stuff from
    Bay City Rollers

  6. Beer beer beer beer beer
    Beer beer beer beer beer beer beer
    Beer beer beer beer beer

  7. Can save money drop-
    ing CBS College Net
    No need for it now

  8. “Open City” D
    worked well for old Manila.
    Today, not so much.

  9. birddog knows this well;
    adversity builds character.
    Will Mids save season?

  10. The sun will come out
    Tomorrow bet your bottom!
    Teich-able moment?

  11. Absolute garbage…
    (But we are not getting beat
    by sorry MAC teams)

  12. When Charlie was coach
    At least one could look forward
    To decent fly bys

  13. No haiku atones
    Big East like this ev’ry week
    No rest for weary.

  14. Total butt-whipping
    Started having flashbacks to
    Mid-to late-eighties

  15. Make it go away!
    It burns, it burns…ooo, it burns!
    Need to unsee this!

  16. Special teams fail and
    trouble in the red zone helped.
    Southern Miss crushed us.

  17. Really tough to watch,
    Embarassing shellacking
    Defensive struggle!

  18. early season talk
    now starting to really show
    it ain’t over yet!

  19. It is a good thing
    That my Dish DVR has
    An erase button.

  20. How come I don’t feel
    as angry about this loss
    as I did last week?

  21. Character building
    Is watching til bitter end
    Keep the faith baby!

  22. Ditto…keep the faith! (I AIN’T A POET!)

  23. TV Jump Button
    Press to zoomie Spank channel
    Best relief today

  24. I drove four hours
    down and 4 hours back home
    saw a game, I think

  25. Amended haiku:

    No haiku atones
    Big East like this ev’ry week
    “Only rest for Teich.”

    I apologize for not thinking of this earlier.

  26. my posts are censored
    don’t pay homage to birdie
    takes ball and goes home

  27. Indeed it is true
    I do censor idiots
    And little league dads

  28. lol OWNED

  29. That haiku belongs in the hall of awesome.

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