1. tphuey

    I don’t understand the angst and hatred against the commercials and the sponsorship. How do you think this stuff gets paid for? Without the commercials, we don’t get the product.

    Same goes for the games. Everyone around me complains loudly about the TV timeouts. Without them, Navy wouldn’t be on TV. And most of the valuable Navy varsity sports that we enjoy watching would get cut. Losing these benefits just so the game would get over 15 minutes earlier would be a devastating trade in my book. Wake up, people, and quit complaining about a very good thing.

  2. EightyFiver

    Added to TPH’s comment, USAA is a pretty good sponsor to have. While it would be great to have a world with no commercials, USAA’s are tasteful and tend to celebrate military service.
    Which of the following would you choose as a sponsor for this program or for Navy athletics generally: (a) Pepsi; (b) Chevy; (c) Viagra; or (d) USAA.

  3. DJ

    Brought a friend to the Air Force game earlier this year. He is a Maryland alum and fan and complained about the TV timeouts. I asked him what channel Maryland was playing on that day, and he responded “It’s not on TV.” Enough said.

  4. I actually like the USAA commercials — they are some of the classiest commercials on TV. Admittedly, I’m a sap for that kind of thing. And it’s just enough time for a trip to the fridge.

  5. sirwools

    TV Commercials = facility upgrades, keeping Coach Ken, BG, and IJ, and maybe, just maybe, a return of the candy-shooting Philo. But that is just a dream.

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