Postgame Haiku, Vol. 51

Down economy?
Don’t spend money on bowl trip.
Navy helps you out!


30 Responses

  1. Ulcer is growing
    I can’t do this anymore
    Who am I kidding?

    (beat Army!)

  2. Cannot find the words
    To explain this frustration
    Feels just like ’02

  3. Hey, Mike… The Alma Mater was hardly over. See ‘ya, Birddog.

  4. I know. Pretty bad.
    Normally haiku is done
    By end of the game.

  5. Some don’t go your way;
    “No excuses, no one cares”;
    And yet, F*** YOU, REFS

  6. Can Someone tell me
    What is considered control
    On a forward pass

  7. Rule is pretty clear
    Must maintain possession when
    Receiver hits ground

  8. Horrendous defense
    Plus no kicking game at all
    Season needs to end

  9. The ball drops in zone
    As the season follows
    Little left, BEAT ARMY!

  10. Gonna break the Haiku here to make a point, Mike… The rule states:

    ARTICLE 7. a. Any forward pass is incomplete if the ball is out of bounds by rule or if it touches the ground when not firmly controlled by a player. “Firmly Controlled” is never defined. I know in the NFL they call it making a “football move” to denote control and if that’s the equivalent definition, it’s a Navy touchdown.

  11. Press box disagreed
    Once two feet hit ground
    He is runner, ball broke plane

  12. “Firmly controlled” is defined in Rule 2, article 3 e:

    e. Loss of ball simultaneous to returning to the ground is not a catch,
    interception or recovery.

  13. DVR ran out
    With fifty one seconds left
    Was I spared the agony?

  14. missed kick late in game?
    second verse same as the first
    groundhog day again

  15. But there were two feet returning to the ground WITH control and THEN there was a loss of the ball… right?

  16. That’s not how refs have been told to interpret the rule. Every game I’ve seen has been called the same way. It’s a point of emphasis in recent years. If falling to the ground is part of the act of making the catch, and the ball pops out, it’s incomplete. Matt wasn’t going to keep his balance and stay on his feet on that play. Falling to the ground was part of the act of the catch.

  17. just like days of old
    early season losses leave
    two words, Beat Army!

  18. Suicide hiuku
    I’m jumping off a high bridge
    At least no more poems

  19. More controvery?
    Can not one call go our way?
    We are snakebitten

  20. Army-Navy is
    Our bowl game this year. Oh well
    Eight years a good run.

  21. “Where are all the girls?”
    I thought the same thing myself.
    O hai no bowl game.

  22. Another Heisman
    worthy QB performance
    done on Navy’s D.

  23. How can you block when
    You are on D (punt return)?
    Turnover revoked.

  24. If you catch the ball, have TWO feet down, then reach across the goal line you are no longer a receiver, you are a runner. Same play happened last night in Syracuse-W.Va. and it was overturned by the replay official. It should have been a touchdown, because he had control with one foot down. The call on the punt, wasn’t even debatable.

  25. Did we yet forget
    crucial punt touched by a guy
    totally UNblocked

  26. two plays before that
    we lost a lateral pass
    we did catch one break

  27. Edit:

    The ball drops in zone
    As the season follows then
    Last goal BEAT ARMY.

    Better count after
    Corpuscles leave in a pint
    Heed me and GIVE BLOOD!

  28. So can i take the high road and say that this is this a navy team that never quits? Or should I be completely pissed and say this a navy team that finds a way to lose?


  29. Due to thirty-eight,
    Not some “plane-crossing” question,
    High hopes fade once more.

  30. do light a candle,
    not curse Navy’s dark season,
    but, how? I wonder. . .

    then it struck me, like
    the apple that hit I. Newton –
    Get Feinstein back now!

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