24 thoughts on “CHET ON THE BIG EAST

  1. Navy83

    I don’t get the guy…forget about the “slush fund” report that he skated through or the issues around the Lax Coach’s firing, how does this guy (“a leader” of Navy Athletics) think NAVY FB can compete WEEKLY with the teams in the Big East…we have trouble with Conf USA Teams; to even consider it shows his “me first” ego!!! The guy (IMO) is embarrassing to what the Academy stands for…integrity, honor, and commitment…I don’t see nor have I ever seen any of these in this guy!!!

  2. Oh sweet, you’re back. Hooray for ad hominems. I’d ask you to say specifically what was wrong with the interview, but considering that you thought hosting the women’s lax world cup was some integrity issue I don’t think we’ll get an answer that makes sense.

  3. Navy83

    No, not at all Mikey….it was the cocktail party hosted for the UNC Womens Lax team..let’s get the story straight…so if you like “smacking up” to the AD, so be it….but he’s really out to lunch for even considering Navy FB for the Big East. Let’s stay on point here!!!

    1. Yes, let’s get the story straight. Your exact words:

      seems in recent years he’s been able to us some of NAAA’s money on “other” than Navy Sports events or endeavors…Women’s World Lax e.g….time to start looking into what’s going on outside the NMCS!!! Go Navy, let’s get some itegrity back into the system..it’s no all about winning!!!

      Of course, while you hammer this AD for “integrity,” you also criticized him for NOT breaching a signed contract with the EagleBank Bowl. Like him or hate him, I don’t really care. But if you’re just going to hate him no matter what and spin every little thing into some perversion of common sense that justifies your hate, then no, I’m not going to take you seriously.

  4. Coop

    I think the guy is doing well for Navy, except maybe the schedule. Our first two games next year are against Notre Dame and Penn State………..and Indiana is in there somewhere. Good Grief, come on!

  5. Dave69

    I wonder if any of our current underclass players, especially those for the northeast or midwest, gave any consideration to the schedule when they decided to go to Navy. “You mean to tell me if I make the team I’ll be playing Penn State, Indiana, and get to go to Ireland to open the season against Notre Dame?” Without even looking at their 2012 schedules, I’d say our recruiters had an advantage over Army and Air Force.

  6. Section 130

    Visit the stadium, the new fieldhouse, the rest of the improved athletic facilities.. Consider the overall record on Navy athletics – wins, academic performance, and increased reputation for USNA – over the past decade. Chet’s a big reason for our success. Unless you’ve been in every conversation and inside every decision, you’re just guessing with a hostile bent. Give a successful leader a bit of a break.

  7. Anonymous

    Agreed. I don’t know him personally; so I can’t speak about his character really well. But all indications point to a man who actually cares about the Athlectic program and about the Navy. Also, since he has been here:
    He brought Paul Johnson in; Bowl Tie-In every year; continued TV Contracts; Navy B-Ball in pre-season Tournies; Navy Baseball going to the “playoffs.” Seems pretty successfull to me. I may not want to play “as many” BCS teams a year. But then again Navy does have a pretty decent record lately versus BCS teams.

  8. Anonymous

    I also think Navy could compete. With that being said I still lean more to the independent side with a national following and manageable national schedule. But lets not forget that Navy (this year maybe being the exception) doesn’t usually get blown out and has beaten ND, #15 Wake, Pitt, #25 Air Force, Standford, Rutgers and UCONN. Also we went toe to toe with #6 OH St and #10 SC. Not to shabby.

  9. Navy83

    “what about ’83′s question ? Can Navy FB compete in the Big East, on a weekly basis ?”….EXACTLY…”It depends on what the Big East ends up looking like”….LOL…just more sea lawyering….Mikey…
    We can’t even beat Conf USA teams…it’s the AD’s ego and money that may possibly lead us down the Big East path!!!! And if Navy goes Big East for FB, you’ll be seeing alot more of what was commented on yesterday by the Def Coord….”The changes we’re talking about are basically personnel. We’re out of linebackers. We’re running low on corners. We’ve got defensive linemen banged up, Green said. We’re looking at getting personnel in different places because we’ve got so many people hurt. We’re trying to find the right places for everyone and pulling together a two-deep.” A nightmare waiting to happen!!!

  10. Bogo69

    Navy 83….right on. The defense is depleted. We put 35 points on the board vs ECU and still lost. Saturday will be ugly and the following games may not be much better. We were all wondering when the joy ride would end….and it has.

  11. jgish92

    I don’t get the Chet hate. He can’t please everyone. It’s a critical time for Navy wrt conference decisions. Would you rather have Army/AF AD right now?

    The people I know around Annapolis who don’t like Chet seem to have a smaller reason here or there and ignore the big picture. For example, I know someone who dislikes Chet simply because the golf course “pro shop” is now in the new Brigade Sports Complex. He’s friends with Pat Owen and Pat receives some compensation from Pro Shop revenues, which aren’t as strong in the new building. So, he (my friend, not Pat) dislikes Chet. Talk about missing the forest for the trees..

  12. jgish92

    We haven’t done well against Conf USA THIS YEAR. IIRC, we’ve done pretty well against them in the last 8 years. Quick check shows that we were 14-3 against Conf USA from 2003-2010. But by all means, trash Chet and scream “The sky is falling” because we can’t beat anyone this year. Perspective people!!

  13. sea lawyering? are you dense? do YOU have any idea what teams are going to be in the big east in 2 years. 2 are already gone, 2 more could leave shortly….it’s an 8-team league that has half of them ghosting as fast as they can. there’s no sea lawyering in that answer. you’re just so prejudiced in your opinions you can’t see the facts for what they are…no one knows ANY of the teams that may be in the big east in the future.

    how do we have so many stupid grads?

  14. Navy83

    Fish92, that’s last year’s news…No hate here, just embarrassment that ego and prospects of $$ will be the ruin of FB program…stay independent and continue with the “success”; down years are going to happen with any program, but start down the slippery slope with losing and then combine a ‘joining the Big East’…don’t want to be a FB recruiter when that happens!!! BTW, wonder what Kenny and his staff feels about it??? Also, about the Bowl tie-ins, for every good deal there is a bad one…think Wake Forest and our hands being tied!!! Boy that was alot of fun for the money!!! And BBall Preseason Tournies…Ask Billy L. how that worked out!!! Just not drinking the Chet Koolaid…never will!!!

  15. Phil

    I don’t get the Chet hate either. For those saying all of this is about money and complaining about it, well, duh. On a national scale, in FBS, College Football is the driver of all other things in the university. Take away the money from big-time college football and a university’s coffers whittle away, and I don’t mean in just sports, although that’s the biggest impact. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or want to ignore the college sports landscape, you should realize that it truly is headed towards a few super conferences. For Navy to remain in its cash cow, independent in FBS, is going to be impossible in the not too distant future.

    As for competitiveness in the Big East, Mike is right, it depends on the prospects of what a future Big East looks like. WVU leaving for the Big 12 hurts it. Who comes in if any? Does the Big 10 say, ok guys, we’re going to go to 14 and preemptively takes UConn and Rutgers away from the ACC? Of course, I still will maintain that ND holds the future of the Big East in their hands and they take their “Olympic” sports very seriously there, the only question is do they want to sacrifice those sports to maintain status quo as an independent when independence may cause them to be on the outside looking in on the super-conferences/bowl realignments. I think there was an article on ESPN talking about ND going to the ACC along with UConn and/or Rutgers to make it 16 teams, which, in my point of view, would make sense when you looked at their breakdown.

    I don’t know about the rest of the readers of this blog, but I’ve come to the realization that if Navy is to remain in FBS land, it is going to need to join a conference with the way things are going, I just put hope in the AD and administration to chose one that will allow us the opportunity to be competitive year in and year out.

  16. Gish & G-lax, people said the same things about Jack Lengyel. There’s just a certain subset of Navy fans that are completely irrational morons who make everything personal and look at common sense like it was sea lawyering. I just pray that this guy wasn’t a varsity athlete, because we don’t want Bruce Fleming to have another data point.

    I have the same concerns as everyone else about joining a conference and am not convinced that it is the right move. But the situation is incredibly complex, and anyone who doesn’t respect that– and just boils it down to “ego” and “integrity, honor, and commitment”– shouldn’t be taken seriously. The sentence fragments don’t help, either. In the same breath the guy says “it’s not all about winning!” but then complains about how Navy can’t win in the Big East.

  17. newt91

    “that ego and prospects of $$ will be the ruin of FB program…stay independent and continue with the “success””

    lol – what do you think makes a program successful? how do you afford great coaches? a new fieldhouse? a renovated Halsey? a renovated stadium? a weight room that makes recruits go “wow”? You think Uncle Sam pays for all that?

    and why is it egotistical to look ahead, realize you can’t predict the future, and consider multiple options to ensure the program survives?

    83 – can you guarantee that staying independent will be a viable alternative in 5 years?

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