STOCK DOWN: Life. It is cruel. It is filled with stubbed toes and people who cut you off on the freeway. It gives you wonderful things like strawberry milkshakes and carne asada burritos but then makes you fat if you eat them. It is the monster that created Ke$ha and the designated hitter and automatic transmissions. It sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it.

STOCK DOWN: October. What a wimpy-ass month. It can’t bring the heat like August, and it doesn’t have steel to deliver the harsh iciness of December. It’s boring. It’s milquetoast. It’s as spineless as a Conference USA referee.

STOCK DOWN: Flowers. Why do we tolerate things that do nothing but cause allergies and attract stinging insects? Because of the pretty colors? I’ve had pretty red scabs and pretty purple bruises, but nobody’s stopping to smell those.

STOCK DOWN: Washington DC. Every bad decision that the government has ever had? Yeah, it came from this place. How many baseball teams does it have to drive away before people realize how much it sucks? Have you ever tried to park there? They stack 4 signs on top of each other to confuse you into thinking you’re allowed to park somewhere when you really aren’t allowed to park anywhere because the city’s budget is funded entirely by parking ticket revenue. Yeah, like I really wanted to spend my Christmas in Washington.

STOCK DOWN: The letter C. Utterly redundant. It does nothing that K or S can’t handle. Its existence is probably because of some conspiracy by the ink and paper lobby to make books longer. We should all have learned our ABDs, but big business forced C on us. OCCUPY THE ALPHABET.


STOCK DOWN: Puppies. Who the hell wants some hairy mess that turns kibble into poop if it doesn’t even know how to fetch my slippers yet? Yeah, they’re so adorable. As adorable as vet bills and carpet cleaning and hours and hours of training. Get back in your kennel, Fido.

32 thoughts on “STOCK MARKET: WEEK EIGHT

  1. Kevin

    Sersiously, DC parking sucks. I live 5 miles away in Northern Virginia and refuse to drive into DC because of the parking. I think they intentionally have their “smart meters” break so you can’t pay for your parking and get a ticket.

  2. 81Zoltan

    Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something to which a bond was formed. Like forming a bond to winning a friggen game or kicking a damn field goal once in a while.

  3. Navy72

    Some wag wrote that adversity polishes the soul.

    After the last five weeks of Navy football, I think we can all throw away our Brasso.

  4. navyrugger

    It’s been a while since we’ve gone through a period like this. We all, being rational people, new it this was going to happen sooner or later. But I was always rooting for NEXT year.

  5. Phil

    I think I knew we were headed this way after hearing too many times last year and this year “had no other FBS scholarship offers”. That was something I almost never heard during most of this string of success. I’m not ready to go there yet, but you heard that a lot in the last few years of the age of Weatherbie.

  6. Adam


    Where were you in 2003-2009? If anything, the current Navy roster has more players who received other FBS offers than rosters of two or three of Paul Johnson’s teams combined.

  7. newt91

    “It’s not how we write in good times that define us, but how we immortalize our feelings after games like yesterday” – somebody

  8. Anonymous

    I know there are more important things in life besides football and that I shouldn’t feel this lousy about the losing streak; but I think I am actually kind of depressed. Or has eight years of success really spoiled me that bad. I remember those 3-30 years. Dam it just win a game. I would totally love my light to be a win at the end of the Notre Dame tunnel.

  9. Phil

    I’ve been here since I stepped foot on the yard in ’94. I’ll discount the 1st two years of PJ’s era as he was dealing with Charlie’s leftovers, but I don’t recall hearing of other offers on the majority of our current crop, especially on D. I’ve heard a lot of FCS scholarships, but not much in the way of FBS.

  10. Phil

    Navyrugger, you’re wrong on that. I can remember, during the ’07 and ’08 era almost our entire secondary had been recruited by like-minded FBS schools and a few of our slotbacks had been recruited to play corner or safety at other FBS schools. PJ’s teams were loaded with guys who played the positions they did at Navy in high school who had offers to play other positions at other schools but chose Navy in-part to play their “natural” positions.

  11. Gerred.O.12


    I can relate whole-heartedly! Things back in the Hall suck, too. But your stock outlook brought some laughter to an otherwise sad and quiet room in Mother B.


  12. navyrugger

    OK Phil, prove me wrong. Pony up. Who are they and what schools were they offered by? Links please. And offered is the key. Getting junk mail from a school doesn’t count.

  13. DotBone89

    Monty Python skit: You mean colour supplement?
    Yes, I ban’t say the letter b.
    The letter c
    Can you say the letter k.
    Oh yes kippers, Kipling
    Why don’t you substitute the letter c with the letter k?
    What spell bolour with a k? Kolour!? Ah what a silly bunt!

  14. Anonymous

    I have to get back to my job, but here’s the list of 2 that I knew of and what I found on Scout of those that had offers (accroding to Scout, for what that’s worth) for the recruiting classes of 2002 through 2004:

    Rick Dobbs – WR at Georgia Tech
    Zerbin Singleton – “redshirted” at Georgia Tech
    Keenan Little – Clemson, Wake Forest
    Irv Spencer – Cincinnati, Miami(OH), Minnesota, West Virginia
    Jeff Deliz – Toledo
    Gregg Sudderth – Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland
    Nick Gonzales – Arizona, Arizona State, UNLV
    Phil Babich – Cincinnati, Wyoming
    Quentin Griffin – Middle Tennessee, Mississippi State
    Trevor Bending – Akron
    Keith Lisante – Connecticut, Lousiville, South Carolina
    Ben Gabbard – Clemson

  15. Phil, half of those players either never saw the field, played maybe a little special teams, or were so injured that they barely played. I think Babich actually went to Wyoming. And Zerb wasn’t a football recruit at Georgia Tech. He just enrolled there for a year because of the accident.

    Looking on defense now, Daniel Godkin, Wave Ryder, Evan Palelei, Drew Kinsella, Mike Huf, Jamel Dobbs all had I-A offers off the top of my head. There are probably more. Haven’t really thought about offense but I’m pretty sure there are a few on the offensive line. Either way, who offered you doesn’t really matter once you get here.

  16. CJ

    Would anyone like to comment on the Aiken touchdown reception that wasn’t? I have yet to see the replay, though on screen at the game it looked like a reception to me. Anyone know if there is a video of the play available anywhere?

  17. Phil

    Mike, thanks for the info on current players. I guess I just don’t hear it mentioned as much as in the past. I think we have the same viewpoint on other FBS schools (non-Academy’s) have offered Navy players scholarships where-as others that posted seem to think that doesn’t happen.

    You’re right on Babich. Everything I could find yesterday said he committed to Navy but today I found where he did play for Wyoming so who knows what happened there.

  18. Armchairsailor79

    (With credit to Salty Sam and The Log in ’77)

    Give ’em hell, Ken!
    Give ’em hell, Ken!
    …..insert losing streak
    Hell, give em Ken!

  19. Navy41

    Nick Gonzales – Never played at Navy
    Phil Babich –Never played at Navy
    Quentin Griffin – Navy played at Navy
    Trevor Bending – Never played at Navy

    Just because a kid says school X is recruiting them does not mean a school is “really” recruiting them. You know how many people say they are being recruited by Navy, but if you ask the coaches about them they’ve never heard of them?

  20. Salty98

    Navy41, well put. If a kid gets a flyer in the mail, there’s a 99% chance that kid or his parents will brag that School X is “recruiting” him even though we all know that crap is often computer generated.

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