Postgame Haiku, Vol. 56

Never felt so good
After the ’90s, so sweet
Ten wins in a row


23 Responses

  1. Beat, beat, beat Army
    Beat, beat, beat, beat, beat Army
    The meaning of Life!

  2. Ten wins in a row!
    After a really long year,
    We Win! Sing Second!

  3. Sing Second They Said
    Army Talks, You Know What Walks
    Tenth Year Singing First

  4. Brasso my big balls
    Gleaming bright, so all can see!
    D.C. victory!

  5. Let’s give props where due
    Special teams respond big time
    Long returns – field goals

  6. How about that D?
    Shut out Army in the fourth
    Warrick channels Ram

  7. Victory is sweet
    Winter, this is our bowl game
    Teich, Teague is good twice

  8. I tell my twin sons
    It only really counts when
    We see a Woop cry

  9. Barack Obama
    He loves the mids, he wore his
    Navy blue bridgecoat

  10. I will take offsides.
    I will take triple option.
    I will take ten wins!

  11. End of the season…
    The decade of dominance
    Brings hope for next year.

  12. The Midshipmen win!
    The Midshipmen Beat Army!
    10 years in a row!

  13. The end analysis
    Will find chop block penalties
    Killed two Army drives

  14. Navy Blue and Gold
    is alway more meaningful
    when we sing second.

  15. Barack Obama
    Ken Niumatalolo
    Shared the shaka

  16. Coach Ellerson sees
    Jabaree Tuani in his dreams;
    bad dreams! Great Navy win!

  17. Game was for both teams
    the year in microcosm.
    More breaks, Navy won.

  18. Can I be honest?
    Forty-four yard field goal try
    Had me scared bleepless.

    Almost couldn’t watch,
    It’s up, it’s clear, and it’s GOOD!
    Deep sigh of relief.

  19. Sweet, sweet victory,
    Caps decade of dominance,
    Lays groundwork for ’12…

  20. Nine months will pass by
    No Navy Football to see
    Twiddle thumbs, twiddle

  21. Watching the Military Bowl
    No Navy, So Sad, So Sad
    Bring us back 2012 Team

  22. Team Jesus Christ lost
    Is it wrong to hate them so?
    Go Army, Navy….

  23. For SOAPM: Answer: No.

    For Birddog: I am assuming that there’s some BirdDog exemption for Haiku on New Year’s Eve. Just a Hunch.

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