Naval Academy To Join The BIG EAST For Football In 2015

Naval Academy To Join The BIG EAST For Football In 2015 – – The United States Naval Academy Official Athletic Site.


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  1. Time for Navy to hunker down and get mean, considering how much harder our schedule is going to be. Go Navy! Beat the Army, Air Force, Notre Dame, and the Big East!

  2. Now we get to beat Air Force in TOP and SOS!

  3. The new Big East sure does look like the Conference USA reinvented. I sure hope Navy knows what it is doing. This is really a risky proposition. Also, could someone explain to me how being in the Big East is going to help recruiting when our military requirements and academic standards will be the same?

  4. Yeah well, stupid me. I bought all their stuff about “the nation’s team.”

  5. Keith, it doesn’t increase the pool of qualified recruits. It could potentially increase the pool of recruits that would be interested. The same way we get a lot of guys now who have a bunch of I-AA offers but choose Navy to prove they can play I-A ball, this will help us land guys who have a bunch of non-BCS offers but want to prove they can play in a BCS league. Of course, the future of the BCS is as clear as mud, so that might not be the case forever.

  6. Goodby bowl games. Our record will not be good enough. Air Force has done OK in a conference because the Mtn West has weak teams, which Air Force beats. They do not beat the top 3 teams in the conference, however. Army was a disaster in Conference USA.

  7. Navy had a Hobson’s Choice.

    I will hope for the best. However, experience suggests to me that this will be ugly.

    The gap between the Big Dogs (SEC, PAC 10, BIG 10) in Div. 1 and the others is so huge that it seems to me that a grouping somehow of the others would make sense. Mike, do you think that could happen?

  8. Army was a disaster in Conference USA because they were coached by Todd Berry. Their conference experience has limited bearing on ours for that reason alone, although I share your overall concern.

    72, that’s the last thing that the non-BCS schools– including Navy– would want. If something like that comes to fruition, it will only be because it was forced on them.

  9. Hat tip to 72 for the NL302 reference!

  10. This years Navy team against the 2015 Big East schedule etc is no should wins,5 even games and 7 not much of a chance.The FCS old NCAA 1AA is another way to go ,but not as much $.
    USNA ’59

  11. FCS is detrimental to the mission of USNA

  12. The Washington Post has an interesting article about Army’s experience in Conference USA (link below if it works). I would like to hear the Bird Dog’s collective wisdom about this commentary on the Big East move.

  13. Do you think a Todd-Berry-coached Army’s record would have been any better as an independent?

  14. So Mike, you do not see any parallels b/n Army in C-USA and Navy’s future in the Big East?

  15. No.

  16. Good, I trust your judgement.

  17. Army was a horrible football team under Berry. His experiences are useless. Navy has shown the ability to beat anyone and lose to anyone. the margin is small as last year showed. Without WV and Pitt the Big East isn’t as deep. If the team plays like it did in 2008-2010 then they can compete. If last year wasn’t an appearation it could be difficult.

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