Tuesday AM Update on the Newport to Bermuda Race

The weakening conditions expected across the course on Monday showed up, but not enough to slow the boats still on the course. The result? The Navy 44’s are showing that a “Sail Training Craft” is a force to be reckoned with. This is shaping up to be the best finish for the Naval Academy since 1992 when Constellation won the whole thing.

NA 23 Defiance sits at 2nd place in their Class and 2nd place overall this morning. The difference over the course of 635 miles? A scant 34 minutes and 34 seconds behind race leader Carina. Amazingly enough, Carina won the 2010 version of the race, meaning they could possibly repeat as winners if the current standings hold.

NA 11 Swift is sitting atop their class and is 3rd overall, 26 mins and 14 seconds behind Defiance. A class win here would be the first for USNA since Constellation.

The result has been a slight slide for the crew of Invictus – they now stand 11th overall in the St. David’s Lighthouse division.

We’ll let all the boats finish and give a final update once the trophies have been presented at the Governor’s Mansion at the end of the week.

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