2003 Houston Bowl: Shalimar Brazier Brings the Pain

Looking for some late June motivation? This was 9 years ago but MAN was this an awesome hit. The 2003 EV1.net Houston Bowl didn’t feature a lot of Navy highlights since Texas Tech won 38-14, but this will hit will live on for years. Texas Tech’s QB B.J. Symons actually lost a tooth. You can see him handing it to a coach at the end of the clip. To his credit, Symons didn’t miss a snap.

11 thoughts on “2003 Houston Bowl: Shalimar Brazier Brings the Pain

  1. 81Zoltan

    “Football isn’t a contact sport; it’s a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport.”
    Vince Lombardi

    This particular game lives in NCAA football unsportsmanlike history for Texas Tech’s post touchdown endzone “grenade” celebration.

    Texas Tech should schedule Rutgers; they deserve each other.

  2. Scissors

    While the final outcome of that game probably would not have changed, I can’t help but wonder how it might have played out if we had scored on our first drive when Craig Candeto fumbled. Oh well.

  3. kevin

    I was there, and remember the game being close until the end of the 3rd or beginning of the 4th. The score didn’t look bad until we started going for it on 4th down and being stuffed and them scoring TDs on the next possession. I could have remembered it wrong though.

  4. Dave69

    I made the 750+ mile drive from east of Birmingham. I had a great time. I was disappointed in the final score but remember really looking forward to next year. What a ride we’ve had since then!

  5. 81Zoltan

    Bill Hurley (USNA 2004) shot the low round of the day at Congressional (66) at is tied for fifth going into Sunday at the AT&T National PGA event.

  6. Skate

    Great hit – one of the Navy all-time best. Too bad TT recovered that fumble. They scored shortly thereafter if memory serves.

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