This Week in Service Academy Football

Army (0-4):

Q: What do you get when you combine the 2011 Army offense with the 2012 Army defense?


Air Force (2-2): Beat Colorado State, 42-21. Air Force took the kickoff and came out in a no-huddle, hurry-up offense on their first drive that had the Colorado State defense all kinds of confused. It paid off with a 52-yard run by Cody Getz on a simple toss sweep that the Rams just weren’t prepared for, which set up a touchdown on the next play. On Air Force’s second drive, CSU’s safeties bit hard on play action and left Drew Coleman all alone downfield, resulting in a 53-yard TD pass. Air Force’s third drive was a 16-play, 80-yard meat grinder. CSU starting quarterback Garrett Grayson injured himself on an option run on the ensuing possession, and that was pretty much the ballgame. Backup quarterback M.J. McPeek actually played pretty well, throwing for 292 yards and two TDs. It just wasn’t enough to overcome a miserable defensive performance.

4 thoughts on “This Week in Service Academy Football

  1. Tanker1802

    Not for nothing…but as a warning I went to see Stony Brook play Syracuse….they gave Syracuse everything they could handle and then some….they were ahead until mid-way through third quarter and it was only in the last couple of minutes that they game was won….

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