Postgame Haiku, Vol. 60

Imagine how good
This defense would be if they
Could get off the field.


41 Responses

  1. No practice this week
    Air Force should just rest its team
    Before Saturday

  2. Defense came to play
    To bad the offense offered
    Little to no help.

  3. No Navy Running
    We’ve Lost Our Identity
    D, Punts are Bright Spots

  4. When your sad stats read
    Fumble, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt
    No pushups for plebes.

  5. Who in the hell thought
    that Vuvuzelas would be
    a good idea?

    • Amen! This is supposed to be the United States Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipmen — not a cross between the X-Games and an MTV Awards show. I was at the VMI game and was appalled by the noise (sic) and blather and the “music” had NOTHING to do with a Navy football game. The addition of the Vuvuzelas yesterday made last week’s experience seem almost dignified.

      I noticed a tee-shirt for sale in the Mid Store that proclaimed: “NOT a college …” The atmosphere at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium surely doesn’t reflect that attitude.

      I may be considered a curmudgeon for saying so, but the “rationale” that almost certainly is offered for this “ambiance” — “But the kids love it” — is pandering to the likes of the inmates. An expression that’s common among our alumni is, “Now, when I was a Mid …” Well, during 1953-57 nobody in authority at USNA gave a damn whether we “loved” anything or not. We took whatever they gave us and that was that.

    • I agree……….and they left “Yankee Station” off the list of battles.

    • Fritz, are you the guy that sits in front of me and tells me to stop cheering on 3rd down?

      I realize the Vuvuzelas could have been over the top, but I’d rather them cheering than having left hand left knee and right hand right knee. One day I hope to see the fans half as excited as the brigade…

    • “… could have been over the top”? Really? Who’d have known? Kevin, I need no instructions from you on being excited about my team, but in case you missed it in my posting, this is supposed to be an event at the US Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipmen, not a Justin Bieber concert.

    • Get over it. I made this comment on a friend’s Facebook post. I gave up my season tickets because I couldn’t stand the attitude of the fans in the stands. Oh, it’s third down, let’s cheer on the D to make a stop only to be looked at or even hushed because I was somehow intruding on the people in front of me’s conversation about what they did the week. Give me a break, they should’ve handed them out to the whole stadium. If you didn’t notice, we’re moving into big(ger) time football shortly and if you want NMCMS to actually be a home field advantage, I suggest embracing the noise and the “college” atmosphere. Otherwise, we might as well drop down to FCS or further.

  6. offensive failure
    identity at a loss
    can i skip next week

  7. Defensive workshop.
    Superstar punter but with
    Too much playing time.

  8. it is all my fault
    did not wear my pro combat
    will remedy that

  9. Snyder ovation
    Worth the price of admission.
    The game…not so much.

  10. Let the plebe QB
    Find his legs at the Air Farce
    It can’t get much worse?

  11. Weatherbie is back.
    Ken’s recruits now 6 and 10
    First T.O. shutout?

  12. Misguided offense
    and untimely injuries.
    Can we beat Air Force?

  13. After seeing this… I worry about Air Force, Army, and the Big East. We used to be a good triple option team… not so much anymore.

  14. Offense hard to watch
    But the defense came to play
    Team a big unknown

  15. When third and long
    We forget the triple option
    Panic and throw

  16. Running the Triple
    On third and long is senseless
    Most of the time dude

    • There are 4 downs to a series……….

  17. yeah and? What good is it if the defense is stacking the box anyway and making us throw to win? If we can’t do that, then we lose. SJSU did it last year and this year.

    • You guys must not have seen many games when Paul Johson was there……..

  18. Shotgun, pistol, spread
    We can’t run triple option
    Is the run over?

  19. Too much chicken little.
    Mids are well led and solid.
    Complete game coming.

    • No they’re not. The head coach isn’t a head coach, he’s a nice position coach/coordinator and can’t make worthwhile in-game decisions or adjustments. The QB sulks the entire time and I wouldn’t trust him to lead anything at this point. All I’ve seen him do the first 4 games is pout like a petulant child.

    • Looks like we’ve lost another one.

    • If you read current Georgia Tech news, the fans there are essentially saying the same thing about Paul Johnson as Phil D is saying about Coach Ken……

    • You haven’t lost me Mike. In full disclosure, I’ve never been a KN fan going all the way back to the 4th and goal against Maryland. I’ve never liked his in-game decisions. I’ve just never posted about them. As for Miller, he needs to be the leader. The offense will react to his mannerisms and right now, he ain’t given the good vibe, it’s all negative.

    • That comment doesn’t exactly change my mind.

    • Team, that’s pretty much it. Lots of cliches, not much analysis.

  20. A Sullen crowd. Was
    it over when the Germans
    bombed Pearl Harbor? Goooooooooooooooo!

    • Us Germans did a lot of heinous things in WW2 but I’m pretty sure we didn.t come anywhere near Pearl Harbor.

    • Didn’t come close to a movie theater either, I assume.

  21. C’mon, Phil, some cultural literacy:

    • Thank you for the education… in the future I won’t be so quick to judge

    • Thanks for the air cover! LOL

  22. Kind of amazing that ppl are still pissed about the 4th and Goal against Maryland.

    • Everyone knew what was coming. If he had pitched it, he could have walked in.

    • well great. get over it. It was 2 years ago. and if we hadn’t missed a key block, it was a TD. also, we had run that play a ton and it worked.

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