Postgame Haiku, Vol. 61

You jerks aren’t allowed
Back onto the bandwagon.
Blue pants forever!


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    • Amen, brother!

    • /thread

  2. Love a little luck
    Right at the end of this game
    For the sweet, sweet win!

  3. Fantastic defense
    And not a bad plebe either
    Revenge is so sweet!

  4. D played a great game
    luck finally went our way
    bring back the trophy!

  5. Defense non-factor
    Up until the overtime
    Yeah, it’s ironic.

    • Three turnovers is “non-factor”?

    • Did you watch the same game I did? Jeez, unless we score 50 and shut the other team out clueless people complain.

  6. cheer up air farce fans
    at least no one saw you lose
    mueh should try groupon

  7. Still don’t like blue pants
    Did love our perseverence
    How’s THAT taste, Zoombags?

    • My heart soars like a hawk.

  8. Where’s the swagger now?
    Chair farce lose 7 of 9
    Fairweathers be gone

  9. Row, row row your boat
    into Colorado Springs.
    Win the game, row home.

  10. That trophy over there?
    Ya, you won’t be needing that.
    We’ll just take it now.

    • I fail. Sorry.

    • That trophy over
      There, you won’t be needing that.
      We’ll just take it now.

  11. Mids show poise, promise
    In ending Zoomie streak at two; sweet!
    At Air Force no less!

  12. Air Force’s clown suits
    Pair perfectly with the sweet
    Tears of their defeat

  13. Team Endurance great!
    and ain’t the beer really cold
    when beating Air Farce.

  14. “Beat ourselves again!”
    New Air Force alma mater
    Army, please beat them

  15. Too bad for Air Force
    That Troy Calhoun’s adjustments
    Were all in his pants

  16. Trophy Nazi says
    Ha, no CiC for you
    Eat me Bus Drivers!

  17. Bellino, Staubach
    Blanchard, Davis, Pete Dawkins
    No Zoomies in club

  18. Just so happy for the team, Mids, and coaches

  19. Air Force turnovers
    Tough D and a little luck
    Sweet overtime win!

  20. Avenge heartbreaker
    Yeah, last year we was robbed
    Who is crying now?

  21. Must not forget
    a game ball to plebe Nick Sloan
    Hits two long field goals

  22. Team is growing up
    Trophy will sleep really well
    Back in Mother B

  23. Prefer the Marine
    dress blue pants to the plain blue.
    Who cares? GO NAVY!

  24. Win baby, just win
    The breaks came our way today!
    Down go the Zoombags!!

  25. So embarrassing
    Tons of empty silver seats
    BLACKOUT epic fail

  26. D played up to par
    Plebe wins carry on all year
    Bring on the Woo Poos

  27. The cardiac mids!
    Are they making a return?
    Now for CMU!

  28. OMFG!
    Navy FTW!

  29. I wondered what the XFL did with all their left over uniforms. Could have sworn the name on the back of one of those Zoomies was HE HATE ME…

  30. lol ha ha
    omg icy damn
    what do mike’s tweets mean?

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