This Week in Service Academy Football

Army (1-4): Beat Boston College, 34-31. Army had 595 yards of total offense– 516 on the ground– in winning their first game of the season. BC’s defense has been terrible all year, so despite the attention-grabbing numbers, Army’s offensive output shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The real story from this game was the play of Army’s defense, which had been every bit as bad as BC’s. They weren’t exactly good in this game either, giving up 420 yards of offense (including a 99-yard TD run). But they were good enough. Army’s defense forced 6 punts, which is a huge win for them; as well as the Army offense is playing, they only need so many stops to be able to keep the team in the game. After Army was stopped on 4th & goal from the BC 1-yard line, the Army defense forced a 3 & out that got the ball back to the offense in great field position with 1:03 left to play. Three plays later, Trent Steelman ran 29 yards for the game winner.

Boston College is a bad football team, but the rest of Army’s schedule leading up to the Navy game isn’t exactly filled with the Monsters of the Midway. Kent State is surprising, Ball State’s offense is pretty good, and Rutgers is undefeated; still, Army should be able to move the ball on all of them. If they can get even mediocre effort out of their defense, they can head into the Navy game with a few more wins. If nothing else, the Boston College game showed that at least the winning template is there.

Air Force (2-3): Anyone catch the Air Force game this week? Did I miss anything?

3 thoughts on “This Week in Service Academy Football

  1. Navy72


    It seemed to me that the 2-point play to tie AF at 21 was the almost the identical play (option left, QB pitch to the FB) that Navy ran to tie AF at the end of regulation last year.

    Am I correct? Just wondering.

  2. doug69

    Watched the Navy-Air Farce game at the bar in a Cheeseburger in Paradise, while watching the Army-BC score develop. Great time. Next month have tickets to the Army-AF game and will root wildly for Army while tailgating my buns off.

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