12 thoughts on “Big East commissioner favors East-West division format

  1. kevin

    Crap, looks like we get stuck in the “Good” division. “Navy respectfully requests to be in the West Division. We have no problem with travel costs.”

  2. tphuey

    Seems to me, Cincy would be in the West, and Temple in the East. Then when we join, Louisville can go to the West as well. And maybe, Villanova joins us in the East (or somebody like that).

  3. roblew32

    Ha! Well my tongue was planted firmly in my cheek when I wrote it, but I think I’d give that possible scenario a little better odds than the apocalypse. Say, winning a Pick 3 lottery–boxed. If my back of the envelope math is correct that would be 1 in 220.

    It also leads me to a question. Does Navy have any obligation to the BE should there be another shake up before 2015?

    I know I am off topic but I was wondering.

  4. roblew32

    Mike, Now that it seems settled that Rutgers is going to the Big 10, I just had to stop back here and ask if you will be emptying all of your savings to go on a Birddog spending spree before 21 December 2012? (See above).

    While not a perfect solution, I think Chet was right to ink the deal with the BE. I am saddened, however, that almost all of the land-grant, research institution programs have jumped ship.

    UConn–if it is to stay–will be the only “state university”, as in the state’s most prominent university. Kind of bummed that a national program like Navy will be lumped in with schools with a regional academic mission, but that said we will still have ND, Army and Air Force and can still stay true to the 1/3 favorite, 1/3 underdog, 1/3 toss up scheduling mix. We will be in a conference, most likely, that losses its AQ, however.

    I have heard that UConn is the likely replacement school for the ACC. Makes sense given their basketball history and their location near BC, Syracuse, and Pitt. Is their anything in their profile that would make Navy a more attractive option?

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