Postgame Haiku, Vol. 63

Won’t watch game again.
Afraid that on the replay
We won’t pull it off.


26 Responses

  1. Great win for navy!
    Despite not paying their best
    They made some big plays!

  2. IU Bloomington
    Such a party school, tonight
    Annapolis rocks.

  3. Keenan and GeeGee
    Indiana wants them but
    They won’t play ball there

  4. Navy Marine Corps
    Memorial Stadium.
    Where IU dreams die.

  5. For whom does the bell
    Toll? In Navy Marine Corps
    IU, tolls for thee.

  6. Started out sloppy
    Offense fought back from behind
    For great Navy win

  7. Joe, closest bathroom?
    Oh, the mighty have fallen
    Must need the money

  8. D steps up
    Under pressure
    Navy QB wins!

  9. Anonymous, haiku fail!!!!

    • Yeah, it was a try though!

    • Do, or do not do. There is no try.

  10. D steps up
    Under pressure
    Navy QB wins!

  11. Team showed lots of heart
    Game ball to our plebe QB
    Which way to Pussers?

    • Keenan was solid, but I’d give the game ball to GeeGee.

    • Quality win engineered by qb and my version works better with the haiku. Can’t deny strong case for GG though.

    • I would give a Navy game ball to the IU kid who kept our drive alive late in the game with his 15 yard
      personal foul.

  12. Christensen wears size
    Sixty coat, still too small to
    Block “Jordan” Wetzel

  13. Hell of a comeback
    Navy has more Big Ten wins
    Than Indiana

  14. Settled for field goal
    Unwise decision says I
    Now? What a great call!

  15. Bought my brother some
    Tickets for homecoming. Now,
    He wants season tix!

  16. “Not a quick strike O”
    “Navy doesn’t gain big chunks.”
    Still got a win though.

  17. Jasper on a roll
    Take that to the bank Big Ten
    Way to go NAVY!!!

  18. Watch the game tape
    For more proof that new Big East
    Trumps weak ass Big Ten

  19. Most exciting game
    seen in a very long time.
    What a gutsy win!

  20. Who knew win number 4
    would be scripted so neatly? Keenan
    as Bobby Plump! Great team W!

  21. The cardiac mids
    Strike again and with gusto
    On to ECU!

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