Postgame Haiku, Vol. 68

A lot like last year
Army left it all out there
This is why we watch


29 Responses

  1. too close for comfort
    army nearly pulled it out
    C-I-C is back!

  2. Stomach still upset
    Thought streak was really over
    Excellence. Ravi.

    • *Exce11ence. Wish I could edit haha.

  3. Oh My God Navy
    Whoopers self destruct again
    Bring on Sun Devils

  4. Sorry – I meant mulers instead of whoopers. Got excited there for a minute. Go Navy!

  5. Wating for game break
    Army beating its own self
    Games all season long

  6. What now for the Mids?
    Well, they go to eleven.
    One louder, isn’t it?

  7. I feel bad for Army.
    And I hope I always will!
    Navy skill, guts prevail.

  8. It’s friggen unreal
    Trent Steelman sobs like a child
    Holy crap, we win!

  9. Victory confirmed
    Army sobs like a dorkwad
    Amy bites the dust

  10. Army sings second
    steelman crying rips my heart
    Let’s get 12 next year

  11. If I live to be
    NINETY years old, I know this:

  12. I am still nervous
    This is why I go to games
    nothing else to say!

  13. Army played with guts.
    Navy was almost done for.
    Ivin play call wins.

  14. That game was unreal
    Army wins for three quarters
    Keenan clutch in 4th

  15. Keenan to Brandon
    Trophy returns to Severn
    Eleven and “O”

  16. Woops had me scared, but
    Navy magic continues
    ‘Leven in a row!

  17. Recovered fumbles
    Beat the whoops and mules
    CIC Navy

    • Crud. Can’t count. Too late to Haiku.

  18. what more can be said
    the cardiac mids strike gold
    a classic for sure

  19. eight and four season
    Arizona State awaits
    you got to believe!

  20. It’s been a long two
    Years in Colorado Springs
    Ma I’m coming home.

  21. Eleven straight wins
    Makes Steelman cry on the bench
    Joyous, it makes me

  22. Eleven straight wins
    Makes Steelman cry on the bench
    Joyous, it makes me

  23. Unfortunately
    Pablo Beltran MVP
    Three inside twenty.

    (MVP obviously not official)

  24. Next year looks aok if slotbacks develop and QB stays at the boat school

  25. Down 3 in the 4th,
    Keenan steps into huddle,
    Puts team on his back.

    Are you kidding me?
    3 more years with this QB?
    Trophy stays right here!

  26. Brigade was flat.
    Navy Leadership was absent.
    It was a lucky win

  27. Five syllables here.
    Seven syllables this line.
    And five again here.

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