Postgame Haiku, Vol. 69

That was unpleasant
Sometimes you just have to laugh
It’s one of those days


24 Responses

  1. some days you get bear
    other days the bear gets you
    Navy got gotten

  2. I will give sixty
    In karma to beat army
    and the big air farce

  3. a very rough game
    ASU played really well
    at least it’s not Rice

  4. That was probably
    The most pitiful effort
    I’ve seen from Navy

  5. Defense a zero
    On a scale of 1 to 10
    No more ‘Reward’ games.

    • Paul Johnson called bowls
      “Reward” games, like Niumat.
      Fire in absentia?

  6. We were manhandled.
    Arizona State kicked butt.
    See you all next year!

  7. Ugh! After a while
    Kept watching only to see
    How high the score got

  8. pathetic defense
    were they drunk off the clock?
    no shame on offense

  9. sorry. or off the clock

  10. Both sides of the ball
    Got run over and smacked around
    Don’t join Pac Twelve!

  11. Today was real bad
    This year was a nice comeback
    I am content boys

  12. Bowl game attitude wrong
    Too much reward
    Lost 5 of 6 bowl games!

    • Bowl game attitude is better than your haiku.

  13. For an older grad
    Eight and five still makes me smile
    Maintain perspective

  14. “Porous” confirmed.

  15. Class of Twenty Thirteen
    equals character, guts, fight;
    this loss won’t change that

  16. Beautiful bay views
    Sunny clear sky with chill air
    I’m out of plusses

  17. In aught two if I
    Whined ’bout 8 wins, C-I-C
    Would have punched myself.

  18. I flew to San Fran
    would go again tomorrow
    it is what it is!

  19. it took me 5 days
    to stop mumbling to myself,
    is this basketball?

  20. Great year. The team is young. Wasn’t expecting that performance

  21. I was wrong about
    No more plusses to discuss
    Loved Gee Gee’s return

  22. Oh what will I do
    I hate friggen’ dark ages
    Seven months til game

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