Maybe you should wait until the end of the day to read this, since you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else after gazing on their glory. You’ve been warned.



Sweet funky uncle these things are amazing. From the UA press release:

This special Under Armour-designed uniform the Navy Midshipmen will take the field in, on August 30, was directly inspired by the iconic Navy Summer Whites. From a helmet directly inspired by the Mid’s cover to a gold belt buckle and solid white cleats, no detail was left out. For the first time, uniforms will slightly vary from player to player, with each athlete wearing their specific rank on the field, depicted in the shoulder and pant leg design of each uniform.





14 thoughts on “SUMMER WHITE UNIS

  1. David C.

    When I first read the description I didn’t think they would look good. Then I saw the pic and Wow! Nice! Even the undershirt with the goat looks good.

  2. slhnavy91

    First line is absolutely correct – as taxpayers you should all be offended at the “nothing else” I have been doing since first seeing. Luckily it is already five oclock on this side of the pond.

  3. 89inthehouse

    There is not enough awe in awesome to describe these!!

    I really don’t like all white unis, but these are ridiculous. Holy cow!!

    Beat OSU.

  4. newt91

    it’s everything Nike tried to do a couple of years ago and didn’t quite pull off. wow are these amazing.
    Question – i didn’t think that uniforms could vary other then #. is there a rule about that? i’m surprised that there isn’t an issue designating certain individuals differently (ie by class and the captains). I love it! i’m just surprised it’s allowed.

  5. bethel95

    I know that y’all love the anchors, but I’m always going to prefer the all-gold helmets–I just can’t help myself.

    But since that horse has left the barn, may I opine that “inspired by” the combo cover would have been better served by the anchor front & center? Just
    sayin’… ;-)

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