Postgame Haiku, Vol. 75

So, Ohio State?
They are who we thought they were:
Pretty tough to block.


38 Responses

  1. seventeen point loss
    doesn’t tell the whole story
    feeling good this year

  2. Slip sliding away
    We had these guys on the ropes
    Bartender consoles

  3. It’s not a bad loss.
    It is a good foundation.
    Whew! No injuries.

    • I will say that the u/c on the team need to talk to the plebes & 3/c about singing B&G, and not standing around like zoomies.

    • Did anyone else think it was odd the way the OSU players took over the middle of our endzone for B&G?
      At least they stood still & quiet, but I hope their coaches school them on the fine points of showing respect for an opponent.

    • meh – we can’t get picky over teams showing our alma mater respect

    • With both pre- and post-games handshakes and attaboys, OSU demonstrated excellent sportsmanship.

    • Zoltan we’ve been writing haikus for like 6 years. Get it together man.

    • Mike, my above haiku doesn’t meet the mark?

    • oh snap – he got you there mike

    • Sorry I read the sportsmanship post on my phone and it looked like it was arranged like a haiku attempt. My mistake. I’m going after 5-7-5 violators hard this year.

  4. So, Ohio State
    We made too many mistakes
    We helped them beat us

  5. After hopeful start
    Great D that could not sustain
    Path to victory

  6. Got to play perfect,
    Against a stud D like that.
    Still pleased with our play.

  7. Thought we had a chance
    Could have gone our way maybe
    Lots of season left to play!!

  8. Once more into the
    Big ol’ corn-fed breach, Navy;
    Just not quite enough.

  9. Navy Halftime lead
    Air Force and Army both thought
    Holy F-in crap!

  10. We looked so tiny
    compared to Ohio State’s
    Gigantic players

  11. Need a real Fullback
    current fullbacks are too small
    Where Kyle Eckel?

    • Do you really think
      Twenty more pounds on Copeland
      Helps us beat Buckeyes?

    • No use engaging
      There is nothing you could say
      Some guys can’t be helped

    • one can only hope
      that this is some sarcasm
      else i weep for you

  12. Army getting bigger
    Their size matching regular teams
    Navy needs to grow more

    • I’ll take our “small,” skilled
      kids over Army’s…errrrday
      And twice on Sunday.

    • i guess i should have
      read more before replying
      tears of sorrow flow

  13. Hey look everyone
    It looks like we all have a
    new person to hate

    • You would hate me?
      But I cheered so very, very hard
      When Navy Beat Notre Dame

    • I am no villain
      Long been a fan of your site
      and always Go Navy

  14. OSO too big
    I prefer to remember
    Those great new unis

    • I wish I had not
      Made a typo like above
      It is OSU

  15. Urban has no class
    Throwing ball on final drive
    Afraid of Comeback?

    • Can’t get too upset
      Have to make it look good for
      Playoff committee

  16. Loved the uniforms!
    Loved the first three quarters, too!
    Bring on Temple Owls!

  17. Any chance to win
    Was lost when Navy punted
    On 4th down and 3

    Boys played their tails off
    Have to take that chance to have
    Any hope at all.

  18. Mids played with their hearts
    OSU played with their size
    Proud of men in white

  19. Delighted then sad
    but overall, bright future
    the schedule starts now

  20. Need to be happy
    I am too competitive
    Good game by the Mids

  21. Navy Blue and Gold
    Fought Crimson and Grey real tough
    I’m liking this squad!

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