38 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 75

    1. bethel95

      I will say that the u/c on the team need to talk to the plebes & 3/c about singing B&G, and not standing around like zoomies.

    2. bethel95

      Did anyone else think it was odd the way the OSU players took over the middle of our endzone for B&G?
      At least they stood still & quiet, but I hope their coaches school them on the fine points of showing respect for an opponent.

    3. Sorry I read the sportsmanship post on my phone and it looked like it was arranged like a haiku attempt. My mistake. I’m going after 5-7-5 violators hard this year.

  1. Son of '56

    Any chance to win
    Was lost when Navy punted
    On 4th down and 3

    Boys played their tails off
    Have to take that chance to have
    Any hope at all.

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