Postgame Haiku, Vol. 77

No Keenan? Just win.
I don’t care how they do it.
Mission accomplished.


23 Responses

  1. hey, sorry a backs
    tago, cope, and the swain train
    padded stats today

    • i would love to know
      who downvoted this haiku
      bet it’s some old dude

  2. First start for Tago
    Didn’t use the whole playbook
    Lots of room to grow

  3. Nicely played Navy!
    Back up quarterback did great!
    Bring it on Rutgers!

  4. some good series and
    some not so good series but
    still, a solid win

  5. First start? No problem
    Slotback injuries? Okay.
    Got us a backup

  6. I don’t know if the
    cannonball run’s still a thing?
    Swain was one tonight.

    • Half ton of barb wire
      Those Texas boys got the point
      Mids showed grit and fire

  7. When Tago Smith is
    your second best quarterback,
    life’s good, Navy fans

  8. Feeling pretty great
    Haven’t Haiku’d in a while
    Who cares? Navy wins!

  9. Backup Quarterback
    starting his first game ever
    lead us to a win.

  10. Navy D forced long,
    time consuming Bobcat drives.
    Bend but don’t break rules!

  11. Kid from my high school
    just proved he is legit
    great game Tago Smith

  12. do work son, c’mon!
    Tago got it done, c’mon!
    beat Army, c’mon!

  13. Flagged Franchione
    Don’t know what you said, bet it
    rhymed with dock mucker.

  14. A solid first half
    A solid Navy defense
    A solid Tago

  15. Jolly Zoomie folk,
    enjoy your cupcakes, soon will
    the Bell toll for thee.

  16. Woops get shutout cold.
    Looks like the triple option
    without the touchdowns.

  17. Unexpected sounds
    “Smith pass connects in end zone”
    “Every team cut blocks”

  18. I beg to differ
    running back turned quarterback
    looks like a qb

  19. Did it the old way
    Listened by radio
    Tago not retro

  20. ESPNews
    I do not get that channel
    Gamecast no bueno

  21. Q-B dilemma?
    Trolls! Just means Navy has a
    double barreled gun!

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