Postgame Haiku, Vol, 82

The Spartan coaches
Check under beds for Keenan
Just before they sleep


16 Responses

  1. second half taught foe
    that “not to commit is to
    commit” as we run.

  2. Rested and healthy
    O-line, KR, D chugs ‘long
    Fourth was a breather.

  3. So much fun to watch
    when the offense is clicking.
    Now beat Notre Dame!

  4. All of football is
    putting your foot in the ground.
    Randy Cross: GENIUS!

  5. Nervous for this game?
    I wasn’t this time after
    Navy Blue and Gold!

  6. Reynolds and the team
    go up and down together
    Hope for sustained up

  7. Stick to your knitting
    Your poems are so lame
    The Brotherhood rocks

  8. We should note the deed
    Kwazel Bertrand’s pick was HUGE.
    Momentum reset.

  9. A beautiful day
    And healthy Keenan Reynolds
    Happy Navy fans

  10. A.D. chides the fans
    Requests they stay in their seats
    Winning does the trick

    • Afraid not.. once again huge number of seats were empty

  11. Weakest haiku ever
    What about the defense dude?
    See you in chat room

    • Ummmmmm. Forget it. That was 6-7-5.

      Fine haiku TBD. Carry on.

  12. Brotherhood and pride?
    Love of the game? No, this win
    was for homecoming.

    • LOL. I see what you did there.

  13. A big win is a win. Celebration Premature against the 120th best run defense in the country? Notre Dame will try again to out-muscle us — and most of the time they do it well.

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