Postgame Haiku, Vol. 83

We lost to Notre Dame, but


25 Responses

  1. was a lot of fun
    but the red zone was dead zone
    for navy defense

  2. David Robinson
    Kid not going to Navy
    Family shamed.

    • what a jerk to say that

    • Attempting to joke in haiku isn’t easy. This one feel flat. Robinson is obviously very proud of his son, as I would be, to go to a fine school like Notre Dame.

      But you are correct, I am A jerk.

  3. Got to play perfect,
    To beat the Golden Domers.
    Still too much fun though!

  4. Final plays rough, but
    Keenan is back to Keenan.
    Bad knee no longer.

    • I didn’t see the SJS game, so I can now feel comfortable that 7-5 is doable.

  5. Lots of fun to watch
    But vic’try so elusive
    Like ND QB

    • yeah, he gets to come back after getting kicked out for cheating on exams

  6. Hard fought battle but
    ND is a better team
    Reach exceeded grasp

  7. ND beat Navy
    The same way they always do
    Speed, Luck, Our Miscues.

  8. Favorite moment:
    Ryan Williams Jenkins
    Went back on the field

  9. … and the blue anchor on the gold helmet needs to be permanent.

    • Haiku Dude !!

      Anchor on our Gold
      Looks better than the gold dome
      Of Notre Damers

    • Sorry, Stork–I’m a bit too enthusiastic about that helmet!

  10. Goals. CINC Trophy. Bowl.
    Beat Army. Win Bowl. That’s four.
    We can still get three.

  11. David Robinson
    On the Notre Dame Sidelines
    Tough way to start game.

    The Mids started slow.
    Came back giving Irish fits
    Never ever quit.

  12. The Mids have a way
    of giving you hope and then
    Ripping your heart out

    But did you see it?
    A perfect fullback spiral
    Keenan has to catch!

  13. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  14. Noah Copeland rocks
    And so does George Jamison
    Wish we had won that

  15. Irish “Admiral?”
    This, the Dude cannot abide
    Son must graduate

  16. Proud of Navy team
    Notre Dame grand tradition
    Not proud of the refs

  17. Navy – Notre Dame
    tradition still continues.
    Respect all around.

  18. Have to recover
    Those fumbles and make that catch
    If you want to win.

    No moral vic’tries,
    but a shining star is born
    In those anchored helms!

  19. Fighting Irish have
    nothing on these Mids when it
    comes to fight, heart.

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