Postgame Haiku, Vol. 84

In option battle
Navy football reigns supreme
Seniors out on top


17 Responses

  1. KN said it best:
    Seniors have done it the right
    Way – great day, great win!

  2. Holy complete game
    Exponential performance
    Big D, Big O rule

  3. Watched Noah Copeland
    run every game in high school.
    Hate to see him hurt!

    Hey there Montee Ball
    Keenan Reynolds is coming
    19 more to go

  4. Forget the Heisman
    The Brotherhood reigns supreme
    Just two more to go

  5. The Navy Jimmies
    Put a lickin’ on their Joes.
    Keenan gets it done.

  6. Senior Goats, old n’gnarly,
    coached and led by the lionhearted,
    fight and win again!

  7. friday weakened voice
    saturday took what was left
    it was all worth it

  8. Perfect Senior Day
    Navy with the blowout win
    Glad no cardiac

  9. Tony Dorsett down
    Marshall and Tim T also
    D pretty good too

  10. Thought Keenan would be
    Pulled after 4, but Coach knew
    He wouldn’t be touched.

  11. Great game all around
    Thanks for Twitter coverage
    Now, two more to go!

  12. The zone read option
    gained lots of yards but Navy’s
    Option scored more points!

  13. Senior Days are tough…
    It’s so sad to know it’s their
    last Navy home game.

    Thanks, guys for a great four years…Best of luck in the fleet!

  14. Cold as weatherdeck
    Clapping kept all hands warmer
    Navy goats smokin’

    Georgia Eagle cool
    Bill’s offense and defense best
    Mid firsties bestest!

  15. Birddog sported out
    B-ball, football and a run
    Have a safe drive home

  16. Woke up this morning
    Had them thar Statesboro blues
    Much better now, though!

  17. in the second half
    navy ran triple just once
    lost identity?

    (lol j/k)

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