Postgame Haiku, Vol. 89

Not a perfect game
But it was a complete game
Lovely afternoon


18 Responses

  1. Swain Train rolling on
    Keenan keeps them on their heels
    The grass looks quite green.

    • “Quaint,” indeed.

  2. blocks abound for O
    defense contained ECU
    Reynolds scores times 5!

  3. Keenan scores again!
    I love it when that happens.
    And the awesome D!

  4. As the Romans say:
    Dulce et Decorum Est,
    To beat E.C.U.

  5. Five scores and seven
    Years ago, Kenan Reynolds
    Is always the man!!

    Yeah it’s weak, but it was better before he scored that last TD…

  6. Keenan Five Closer
    One Too many penalties
    UCONN up next

  7. Navy Beats Pirates
    on Talk Like a Pirate Day
    Push ups hurt plebes Arrrrms!

  8. Mid triple option
    By design can eat the clock
    It’s time consuming.

  9. For those not at game
    Must see backfield in motion
    ECU dance team

  10. Swain kept a rollin’
    Keenan kept a scorin’, yeah
    Conf’rence no big deal

    • This is the best volume of Haiku ever. None before nor none after will compare.

  11. Schwing! Party on, Swain.
    Party on, Keenan! RIGHTEOUS!
    Great day in Swain’s World!

  12. One hundred NINETY
    Plus two push-ups for plebers.
    Let’s get buff this year.

  13. Stack the B back box?
    Then KR will run option.
    Scoring five TDs.

  14. What is that sweetness?
    Rushing yards per game leader
    Mids are number one

  15. I am no bird dog
    But from what I could assess
    Both lines were awesome

  16. It’s way too early
    But AAC trophy thoughts?
    Hope springs eternal

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