Postgame Haiku, Vol. 90

After great first half
Closer than it should have been
Still, undefeated


21 Responses

  1. A single chop block
    will give Diaco reason
    to whine for a year

  2. 2nd half heartburn
    but the defense made plays late
    beat HDMF

  3. First half was easy,
    and team hung on for the win.
    Now bring on Air Force!

  4. Antsy second half
    This ain’t no beauty contest
    Defense comes up big.

  5. Came out the gate great;
    Tentative second half play.
    A win is a win.

  6. UCONN played us tough
    Defense Growing Confidence
    Three More for Keenan

  7. Any win is good!
    Seven wins straight and counting.
    Air Force makes it eight!

  8. Jasper typical conservative play calling–refuses to pitch in Q4!

    • Maybe you missed it
      I thought Navy won the game
      Correct me if wrong

    • I don’t know how to Haiku, but this is an idiotic post.

  9. Defense shines in fourth
    Reynolds rolls Swain rocks UConns
    Zoomies make us 4-0

  10. U-S-A-F-A
    Do not ask for whom bell tolls
    It’s for you, mofos.

    • made me laugh. nice one

  11. Navy a good draw,
    Thrifty and quite efficient
    Scores when needed to.

    • A poor zebra spot
      Kept huskies barking longer
      Navy rolling on

    • That really was a bad spot. Game is over if they don’t blow that call.

  12. Five sacks on the day?
    Defense made enough clutch stops.
    Rearm, crush Air Force!

  13. Conference wins nice
    I’d rather beat an SA
    (and, of course, Air Farce)

  14. D looks amazing
    Gotta fix the return game
    To win the next two

  15. first half made me smile
    limited playbook second?
    wise choice with next week

  16. Mule should be main foe
    Falcon defeat, my passion
    What, is that so wrong?

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