Postgame Haiku, Vol. 93

If they make you throw
You’d better be able to.
Today, just enough.


17 Responses

  1. Keenan scores touchdown
    Acts like he’s been there before
    ‘Cause he has. A LOT.

  2. Defense came up huge
    Offense did what it had to
    Keenan — run it home!

  3. The offense struggled
    Defense saved the day today
    One and Oh again

  4. Green Wave QB sneak,
    you really need some kelp.
    Stop kraken us up.

  5. Pass pass pass pass pass
    Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass
    Think I got them all

  6. Keenan “Kubiak”
    Passes Mids to win today
    Chaump not on sidelines

  7. The green wave defense
    played more like the steel curtain.
    Navy still gets win!

  8. 8 big fast guys in the box and 3 more in run support. Somebody needs to know how to pass block. If you can’t run the ball, play action is hard to execute! My hat is off to the coaching staff!

    • frowning raucously
      imprisonments ramble, dirty
      mermaid overeats

      Haiku, its what’s for breakfast…

  9. Tulane Very Well
    Prepared to play the spoiler
    Yet could not prevail

  10. Tulane came to play.
    Navy did enough to win.
    Love me some AACtion!

  11. Now everyone will
    Use Tulane’s Defense Template.
    Break out the wide outs!

  12. We play Notre Dame
    We play the Tulane Green Wave
    That’s the fearless way!

  13. defense yields one score
    in first fifty nine minutes
    that’ll do navy

  14. It does not mean much,
    winning is the true measure…
    but how cool is this?

  15. From section 2 seats
    Their DL looked huge and fast
    Found the ‘Will’ to win

  16. From section B seats
    Fumble too distant to see.
    Huzzah, DVR!

    Fifth time one and oh
    Good defense, great reunion,
    Old goat rejoices!

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