22 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 94

  1. SouthCentralPA

    Coach Ken stresses rest
    It must be working real well
    Strong in 4th Quarter(s).

    In all seriousness, I could’ve sworn I heard Coach N talking about how important rest is this time of the year during pregame a couple weeks back, and WOW. Whatever they’re doing, it’s clearly working; the last two weeks in particular, they’ve gotten a firm grip on the game late when the other team ran out of gas.

    (Speaking of rest, what sadist scheduled them to play a top-25 team on six days of rest (they go to Tulsa on a Saturday and then play at Houston the following Friday night). I mean, we’re in the winning business and not the excuse business, but c’mon…)

    1. SouthCentralPA

      Point taken. Misread the calendar the first time, and thought the Cougs were on the mid-week game the previous week.

  2. SouthCentralPA

    And as long as I’m going off-haiku, if anyone is not picking up WNAV well, the WFED is also available on the various WTOP- FMs HD-3.

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