Postgame Haiku, Vol. 94

Navy won the game
I did not handle that well
But they won the game


22 Responses

  1. ugly from the start
    but “a win is a win, dog”.
    keenan is now tied

  2. When you play sloppy
    But you still come out on top
    That’s a special team

  3. E K Binns, Romine,
    Swain Train, Keenan, and Defense
    Stymied Bulls All Day

    Listening to Pete
    And Omar as KEENAN scored two
    Me in Cheers and Tears

  4. Bellino, Staubach
    Come on Heisman voters
    Reynolds deserves it

  5. It was not a trick
    What a treat as Keenan tied
    record to ice win

  6. Midshipmen kicking
    Hats off to cool hand Austin
    Grebe perfect

  7. Ugly as Freddie
    Halloween scare of a game
    But boy what a win.

  8. Tough way to start game;
    Second half too. But all else
    Was blue and golden.

  9. Last score of the game
    Keenan ties the record for
    Most rushing TDs

    With today’s win comes
    Bowl eligibility
    Happy Halloween

  10. When things go to hell
    But you find a way to win
    You’re a real good team

  11. Savor this year, fans
    Savor it, soak it all in
    So good; so, so good

  12. Great teams overcome
    their mistakes and learn to win.
    This is a great team.

  13. Seventy seven!
    What a way to win the game!

  14. Run defense is stout!
    Keenan ties for the record!
    4th Qtr comeback!

  15. Winning the last two?
    By the scores that we won by?
    6 and 1, baby!!!!

  16. Coach Ken stresses rest
    It must be working real well
    Strong in 4th Quarter(s).

    In all seriousness, I could’ve sworn I heard Coach N talking about how important rest is this time of the year during pregame a couple weeks back, and WOW. Whatever they’re doing, it’s clearly working; the last two weeks in particular, they’ve gotten a firm grip on the game late when the other team ran out of gas.

    (Speaking of rest, what sadist scheduled them to play a top-25 team on six days of rest (they go to Tulsa on a Saturday and then play at Houston the following Friday night). I mean, we’re in the winning business and not the excuse business, but c’mon…)

    • So Houston has an edge with one less day to prepare for the Big Stick?

    • Point taken. Misread the calendar the first time, and thought the Cougs were on the mid-week game the previous week.

  17. Is Coach Dale Pehrson
    Navy’s Coach of the Year now?
    He’s sure earning it.

  18. And as long as I’m going off-haiku, if anyone is not picking up WNAV well, the WFED is also available on the various WTOP- FMs HD-3.

  19. The Blue Steel Curtain
    Only one 2nd half score
    Zoolander approves

    • Navy Reference
      To the Zoolander Blue Steel
      Makes me laugh out loud

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