34 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 98

  1. SouthCentralPA

    Swift kick in the nuts
    That’s my capsule description
    And I stand by it.

    Please give ’til it hurts
    To help find a cure for dread

    1. bethel95

      I should have said “four,” as four plays were major momentum inflection points:

      1) The almost-interception by Navy that turned into a ricochet completion for Houston.
      2) The accidental pass deflection by Houston that turned a probable Navy completion into an interception.
      3) The likely overthrown pass on third and ten by Houston that ended up being a highlight, one-handed, 62-yard completion.
      4) The woulda, coulda, shoulda onside kick by Navy.

      In close games, the final result often comes down to a little bit of chance (see #2), a few flashes of exceptional skill (#1 and #3), or plays when just a bit more skill was needed (#1 and #4).

      A reversal of outcome on possibly any one (or certainly any two) of those plays could well have led to a Navy win, regardless of what looked like the obvious game trends on Monday morning. This game was a lot closer than some of you are acknowledging, or than the final score would seem to indicate.

      And I *really* don’t get blaming Navy’s coaches…

    2. SouthCentralPA

      Well put. And no, I don’t blame the coaches. If I knew video editing software (and had a stronger stomach), I would compile a horror reel of all the times they had contact with an offensive player to hold on third down and they got away to make a first down.

    1. billthegoat

      LSU loner
      Comes here to validate his
      Sad pathetic life

      Go back under rock
      Or at least go back into
      Your mother’s basement

  2. Stork

    Missed tackles were key
    Cougars like running greased pigs
    Couple stops needed

    Forget NotreDame
    Houston toughest game this year
    For both D and O

    1. ryan

      As a Houston 30 year season ticker holder, I say thank you. Weclome to the AAC, you guys brought a lot to the conference this year, and will bring a lot more in the future. Good luck against Army and in your bowl game. As the son of a WWII Marine, I usually pull for you guys (with a couple of exceptions of course).

  3. retiredswo

    Tough, tough game, but Navy tried. Houston looked good.
    9-2 and hopefully 10-2 in two weeks is far better than the Navy teams when I was a Mid, when we were lucky to reach 3-8. They will still go to a bowl.

  4. Airboss

    Forgot how this hurts
    Needed ‘nother perfect game
    Fell short on defense

    It is a game, right?
    On to biggest one of all

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