38 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 99

  1. Jim McConnell

    Mike….I hope you address these questions in your analysis. I knew Army would have a good defense for the option, but was it so good that we only used the slots twice? Why didn’t we slow the pace with the stand up pause and get a play from the sidelines? Army ran the option better and won time of possession by a bunch. There were at least two times when KR went to pass that he could have picked up a first down easily if he chose to run, but forced a throw incomplete. Were we that tight that we couldn’t relax and play? A win is a win is a win, but Army lost it we didn’t win it. Thank God for KR and big plays. I’m really not complaining…..14 in a row……unbelievable! I get to spend the rest of my life ahead in the Army/Navy series, and plebe year we were 6 games behind. Now 11 ahead…. a 17 game swing in 59 years. Let’s make it 15 next year for Super Sixty’s 60th A/N game.

    1. Sam W,

      That was my question too. We had the cajones to use the toss on 4th & 2 but we never tried it again. I’d definitely bet on the speed of our slotbacks versus the Army safeties and LBs. Was there anything that may have precluded that?

    2. Navy72

      We are not giving Army enough credit, and we’re underestimating Navy’s preparation for the game. Also, recall that Mike warned us that Army’s defense was mostly solid throughout the season. Keenan was quoted after the game as saying that Navy went in expecting to have to rely on big plays. He praised Army’s LBs for being the best – his exact description – that Navy had played all season. So, it seems that while the game was not what this august gaggle of pundits expected- yours truly included- it appears to me that Navy’s coaching staff was prepared pretty darn well prepared.

      One final thought. Recall for me the last time a Navy punter figured so decisively in the outcome of any game, much less against Army? Standing in his own end zone, Barta bobbled the snap, recovered, then boomed a 50+ yard punt with NASA-like hang time. Impressed the hell out of me and likely any Michigan fan who happened to be watching.

  2. Navy72


    A gaggle refers to geese. You’re a bird dog, thus no reference to a litter of pundits. An important distinction in this case.

    1. hardcore24

      Navy72, … One huge difference between this & earlier MICH-MICH ST game was that Army didn’t rush the punter on that particular (1 of way too many) punt … They had the full “return” on. We might not be celebrating today otherwise.

  3. Airboss

    Fam’ly all around,
    Sharing America’s game,
    Veterans abound.

    Both teams fought with heart,
    Right up to the bitter end,
    More bitter for Woops.

    Raise one to this team,
    Put them high on pedestal,
    With CIC bling!

  4. Elated that we won #14, but I shudder when anticipating next year’s game: KR gone, offensive line gone, perhaps Coach Ken gone — and that impressive Army plebe QB!!

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