Postgame Haiku, Vol. 100

Eleven wins, Mids?
Take tomorrow off, you guys.
I think you’ve earned it.


33 Responses

  1. ELEVEN, baby!
    E-LEV-EN, Navy, Navy!
    ELEVEN, Navy!

  2. I just realized
    You spell “Greatest Of All Time”
    With G. O. A. T.

  3. It may just be me
    but I am not ready for
    this season to end

  4. Outran and out passed
    Bigger, faster ACC

  5. Panthers started Fast
    Keenan took over after
    Triple Option Rocks

  6. How soon can we get
    Season commemorative
    Blu Ray, Mister Stras?

  7. Friggen amazing
    Thank God for the D-V-R
    Recorded the magic

  8. Three straight bowl game wins;
    Eleven wins for first time;
    Plebes may carry on.

  9. The Heisman Trophy
    Is now less relevant than
    The Nobel Peace Prize

  10. final game of a
    great career by KR
    we are lucky fans

  11. Yo, game announcers
    Please, Navy is “midshipmen”
    Not lowlife “cadets”

    • e s p n sux
      that was not the only gaff
      let me count the ways

    • Yep, Joe Bellino
      Was never a quarterback
      Do your damn homework

  12. Today Navy’s top
    passer, rusher, receiver
    Yep, Keenan Reynolds

    • Yup, he’s a ball hog
      Why can’t he spread the wealth more
      L O L O L

  13. Three consecutive
    Bowl victories in a row!
    Navy’s all-time best!

  14. That was me!

  15. keenan runs option
    like monet painting lilies
    master of his craft

  16. Fret not, A-A-C
    Navy comes to the rescue
    For the first bowl win

  17. Navy Class of Sixteen
    spend four years together by the bay,
    add much to Navy lore.

  18. What a performance
    The announcers hurt my head
    Best team since Staubach

  19. Eleven and two!
    Strong O and best D in years.
    Wow, what a season.

  20. A special bowl game
    With a special Navy team
    Awesome season end

    Beer at N-M-C!
    Keenan takes back his record
    Much fun had by all!

    Pitt band entertained
    Pitt fans well represented
    ‘Nap Town represents!

  21. Whole team in for win,
    we can all say we were there.
    to them all, thanks guys!

    ps: it’s gonna be a loooooong off-season…

  22. I do not haiku

    But just this once I offer

    A team for the ages!

  23. Any chance Keenan can play lacrosse?

    • Haiku, man, haiku!
      Looking forward to watching
      Navy lax – good luck!

  24. Where’s the game breakdown?
    One more analysis, Mike?
    Tell me it’s coming

    • Don’t worry, it is
      There are many posts to come
      But real life comes first

  25. Excited to hear we’re getting a post game analysis
    Hopefully both Army and Pitt!

  26. Happy New Year Mike!
    Thanks again for a blog
    That truly delights

  27. Is there any significance to the 6 horizontal stripes on the football jerseys and lacrosse sleeves?

    • It’s supposed to represent the six numbered fleets, although honestly I just think it looks good.

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