30 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 51

  1. JFH

    Gonna break the Haiku here to make a point, Mike… The rule states:

    ARTICLE 7. a. Any forward pass is incomplete if the ball is out of bounds by rule or if it touches the ground when not firmly controlled by a player. “Firmly Controlled” is never defined. I know in the NFL they call it making a “football move” to denote control and if that’s the equivalent definition, it’s a Navy touchdown.

  2. “Firmly controlled” is defined in Rule 2, article 3 e:

    e. Loss of ball simultaneous to returning to the ground is not a catch,
    interception or recovery.

  3. That’s not how refs have been told to interpret the rule. Every game I’ve seen has been called the same way. It’s a point of emphasis in recent years. If falling to the ground is part of the act of making the catch, and the ball pops out, it’s incomplete. Matt wasn’t going to keep his balance and stay on his feet on that play. Falling to the ground was part of the act of the catch.

  4. Navy41

    If you catch the ball, have TWO feet down, then reach across the goal line you are no longer a receiver, you are a runner. Same play happened last night in Syracuse-W.Va. and it was overturned by the replay official. It should have been a touchdown, because he had control with one foot down. The call on the punt, wasn’t even debatable.

  5. DotBone89


    The ball drops in zone
    As the season follows then
    Last goal BEAT ARMY.

    Better count after
    Corpuscles leave in a pint
    Heed me and GIVE BLOOD!

  6. Anonymous

    So can i take the high road and say that this is this a navy team that never quits? Or should I be completely pissed and say this a navy team that finds a way to lose?


  7. BandL89

    do light a candle,
    not curse Navy’s dark season,
    but, how? I wonder. . .

    then it struck me, like
    the apple that hit I. Newton –
    Get Feinstein back now!

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